So long Tumblr and thanks for all the fish! was briefly hosted on, a free blog hosting website. It was great – I enjoyed the ease of use and the free site mapping (having my own Internet address). But I have been using the WordPress platform for my other blogs for years and I miss some of the advanced features… so I moved my blog over there before I had too many posts and ponied up the 12 bucks for domain mapping… so long tumblr!



    • outfindca

      Well, first off, when I used some html tags not included in the wysiwyg, all line breaks disapeared from my tumblr posts. I had to add line breaks (br) everywhere – really annoying! This happened mostly in posts with blockquote tags – I use them often in a single post. So , tumblr made it easy – but a bit too easy – 12$/yr + some easy dns changes was right up my alley 😉

      • pmlozeau

        I haven’t rejected the possibility of going to WordPress. I also encountered some issues with HTML formating in Tumblr. But I’ve mostly tweaked the CSS to get the job done. 🙂

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